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Don’t let an old and rusty car continue to clutter your driveway. Turn to PM & S Cash for Cars for quick, efficient, and reliable solutions that are sure to suit your needs. We offer cash for cars, timely junk removal, and other valuable services that can save our clients time and effort. We’re happy to work with commercial and residential customers throughout Asheboro, NC, so keep reading to find out more!

Rely on Us For:

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal
Do you have a junk car on your property that's no longer functional or worth repairing? Then turn to us for a different solution. We perform efficient junk car removal services at fair rates. Our professionals can pick up vehicles of any size, make, or model!

Metal Heavy Load Pickup

Metal Heavy Load Pickup
If you have gathered a lot of metal scrap that is now cluttering up your yard, garage, or storage space, we can help. We have the right hauling vehicles to pick up heavy loads of scrap metal. Our crew will load up the metal safely!

Industrial Scrap

Industrial Scrap
If you run an industrial facility, it's likely that plenty of scrap gets generated regularly. We can offer one-time or recurring industrial scrap pickup and removal services at competitive rates. We're happy to keep your industrial space free of unwanted materials as often as needed.

Junk Truck Removal

Junk Truck Removal
We have the necessary equipment to handle the removal of junk trucks. We make sure that usable parts are salvaged and that everything recyclable gets sent to the proper center. We excel at providing prompt and cost-effective solutions to all of our local clients.

SUV Removal

SUV Removal
Is your old and out-of-use SUV not worth the cost of repairs and is simply sitting in your driveway, gathering rust and taking up space? Contact us and we will take it off your hands. Our services will save you a trip to the nearest junkyard.

Quick and Effective Solutions

Selling a very old vehicle or one that’s in poor condition can be very difficult. At some point, the best course of action is to contact a junk truck removal company and have the unwanted vehicle taken away. This will surely save you plenty of personal time and effort and free up valuable space on your residential or commercial property. Contact PM & S Cash for Cars, and we will be sure to offer you a great deal and provide efficient solutions as soon as possible. We honor every agreement and handle the work with utmost care and professionalism.


Our Process

Clients can contact us to discuss their project and arrange for a junk car pick up. Our experts will be punctual and show up with the necessary car removal equipment if it’s not in driving condition. If we’re picking up metal or industrial scrap, we will handle all the heavy lifting and load the materials onto our hauling vehicle. We handle the disposal and recycling of different materials and parts according to regulations. We ensure prompt and efficient service.


The Areas We Serve

We assist customers from the following locations:

  • Asheboro, NC
  • Randleman, NC
  • Albemarle, NC
  • Archdale, NC
  • Lexington, NC
  • Lewisville, NC


Get cash for junk cars with no delay by booking an appointment with PM & S Cash for Cars directly. We look forward to providing our clients in Asheboro, NC with prompt and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Oscar Tharpe on PM & S Cash for Cars

I definitely recommend this junk car removal company! Working with them was a breeze and I got a great deal for my old SUV. They were friendly, punctual, and honest, which are qualities I always appreciate in a service provider. Highly recommended!

PM & S Cash for Cars
Asheboro, NC 27203
Phone: (336) 296-8595

  • Junk Car Removal
  • Metal Heavy Load Pickup
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Junk Truck Removal
  • SUV Removal

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